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LIFE+ is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environment and nature conservation projects throughout the EU. Since 1992, LIFE has co-financed projects on environmental issues proposed by member countries. LIFE+ funds projects that implement, update and develop Community environmental policy and legislation and it closely supports the 6th Environment Action Plan (6EAP). LIFE+ projects financed may be proposed by operators, organizations or public and private institutions.

LIFE+ has been designed to contribute to the development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and communication of EU environment policy. The Commission has created three strands:
1.    LIFE+ “Nature and Biodiversity
2.    LIFE+ “Environment Policy and Governance
3.    LIFE+ “Information and Communication

Through the "call", which annually are proposed by the European Commission, it is possible to submit projects related one of the three strands of LIFE +.
To know more about the LIFE + program, please visit the dedicated website of the European Commission - Environment (in English):, where you can download forms and information material, check the expiration dates of the last "call" and view other LIFE projects.


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