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We are going to realize permanent polycyclic plantations with the aim to produce wood continuously and permanently, without the necessity to eliminate it and replace it at the end of every wood production cicle...
... this feature gives us more guarantees for wood products and reducing, at the same time, perturbations into an ecosystem characterized by trees and shrubs.

Thanks to LIFE + InBioWood, we will realize 25 hectares of plantations in the open field (multi rows) and 45 km of rows along the canals within the area of the Valli Grandi Veronesi.

The plantations will have a demonstration effect and will account various patterns of plant. Farmers and owners who want to replicate this experience in their land will be able to choose between those patterns that best meet their needs.

The partnership is composed by both internal and external experts:

    •    Dr. Enrico Buresti from AALSEA and Dr. Paolo Mori from Compagnia delle Foreste, which have already made experimental polycyclic plantations, for the design of the patterns of plant;
    •    Dr. Andrea Pianalto and staff from Consorzio di Bonifica Veronese, for the realization of the plantations, Dr. Alessandro Pasini and Dr. Alessandro Pozzani from CoGEV for work management;
    •   Dr. Alessandro Pasini and Dr. Alessandro Pozzani from Co.Ge.V. for work management;
    •    Dr. Francesco Pelleri from CRA-SEL, for field measurements necessary to verify the rate of growth of the plantations and the way in which the various species occupy the space.

The technical design and the main patterns of plant will be part of a specific manual, while the results will be published in articles, brochures and will be presented at meetings on the field. To receive updated information will be enough subscribe to the newsletter of LIFE + InBioWood you will be able to receive updated information and to participate in the discussions of the Forum (that will be opened after the first few seminars).



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