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A manual of Naturalistic Permanent Polycyclic Tree farms

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Before this handbook there were only a few technical or scientific articles, made during the previous 10 years. This new book contains, in a single logical path, all the activities necessary to design the naturalistic Permanent Polycyclic Tree farms. Two chapters touch upon establishment and management of wood plantation, while three chapters outline the environmental and economic impacts of naturalistic Permanent Polycyclic Tree farms. The handbook, edited by AALSEA and Compagnia delle Foreste within the project LIFE + InBioWood (LIFE12 ENV/IT/000153), is now available in a digital version for free download from the website

This book, called “Design, implementation and management of naturalistic Permanent Polycyclic Tree farms”, describes a "new way" to produce wood outside forest, through some innovative naturalistic and agronomic criteria developed to overcome some of the main limitations of traditional tree farms.








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