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Innovative tree farming for wood & Biodiversity

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LIFE+ InBioWood - Increase Biodiversity through Wood Production (LIFE12 ENV / IT / 000153) is a project started in 2013 and is currently in the final phase, the objective it was that implement and promote Potentially Permanent Polycyclic Tree farm. It is a type of plantation that combines environmental benefits similar to those of a forest with the productive advantages of artificial plantations. In order to promote the diffusion of these plantation, demonstration areas and various types of informative materials have been created by the project partners, such as a technical manual and videos, all available free of charge at

In particular we point out some articles of a popular nature, recently made available in English, that deal with the following topics:


- Results of a market survey on consumption and high quality wood assortments most requested in the area of the Project.

Pasini A. Pividori M. (2014) Request of valuable timber from tree farms. Request Market survey in Verona province Tecniko& Pratiko 108


- Results of a market survey on the consumption of woody biomass destined for energy use, one of the assortments that can be retraced in the short term by Potentially Permanent Polycyclic Tree farm

Pasini A. Pividori M. (2015) Wood biomasses for energy purposes from tree farming. A market survey in Verona province made within the LIFE + InBioWood Project Tecniko& Pratiko 111


- Comparison on the ability to support bird communities in Polycyclic Tree farm and in traditional poplar groves

Londi G., Campedelli T., Cutini S., Mattioli F., Tellini Florenzano G. (2016) Tree farming and biodiversity. Bird communities as indicators of polycyclic tree farms positive role Sherwood - Foreste ed Alberi Oggi n. 219 


- Correlation between the development of the crown and the diameter of the stem in order to design the plantations with optimal distances for the desired productions. The case of the clone'I-214 '

Mori P., Buresti Lattes E., (2017) ‘I-2014’ and Permanent Polycyclic Tree farms. Relationships among diameter, productive area per plant and rotation cycle length Sherwood - Foreste ed Alberi Oggi n. 229 


- Presentation of a web application able to automatically generate project models based on specific requests from the technical designer and farmer

Torreggiani L., (2018) Trovato su Internet/ WOOD & ENVIRONMENT. Web application to design 3P Tree Farms Sherwood - Foreste ed Alberi Oggi n. 234



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